Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rubber Band Powered Glider - Brings Back Memories!

Thank you Nettie!

My order arrived yesterday [Mon]. I was not expecting it for another week. Only 4 days, the Post Office must be getting better, and everything was intact. I've already began assembling the Micro Maxx and am awaiting a nice day to fly. I am used to flying very large rockets to extreme altitudes - this will be a real switch. Instead of loading the truck with all my gear and driving to the club site for the weekend, now I can get my "fix" right in the back yard.

I was pleasantly surprised with the little extra you threw in. It has already flown up and down the hallway a couple of times. I didn't know they made them anymore.

That little rubber band airplane brought back many memories of my childhood. When I was 6 my grandmother gave me one of those for my birthday, they cost a whopping 50 cents, back in 1958, I had been eyeing one in the 5 and Dime store [Woolworths] for months, begging for one every time I visited Grandma. She lived right behind the fire station. When I would come visit on weekends, I would go over to the station house and polish the brass on the old antique fire truck, for which the firemen would give me a nickel, and then let me slide down the pole as much as I wanted. In those days a nickel would buy a lot of penny candy. [several pieces for a penny!] But I was saving my nickels for that airplane! Turns out, one of the fireman walked over to her house one day and suggested that if she wanted to make a little boy happy on his birthday that would be the thing to get me.
It was the first present opened, after that, the others didn't matter. I was out the door playing with it in the firehouse yard. They had to forcibly come and get me to go back inside and open the rest of my presents. I could not tell you what any of the others were, but I shall always remember that little toy airplane. As they say in the old time movies “Thanks for the memories!”

Jim H. – Savannah, GA